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Predictive Analytics to Acquire, Develop, Lead & Engage Talent

WoodFire Leadership, LLC is proud to be an authorised reseller of Harrison Assessments.

At WoodFire Leadership, we believe that leaders exist to magnify strengths in self, others and the organization they serve.

Fostering an engaged workforce is a primary intention shared by excellent leaders. We support our beliefs by offering:

  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Coaching Skills Development for Leaders
  • Talent Strategy and Engagement Consulting
  • As an Authorized Reseller of Harrison Assessments talent life cycle solutions for over 15 years, we have concluded that HAI is the tool that provides the most solid foundation for all of our services. It illuminates the intersection of individual competencies and passions with the needs of the organization.

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    Transform Your Recruitment with Proven Success

    Discover how Harrison Assessments helped Bridgestone excel in their recruitment strategies. Vim Van der Meersch, CHRO at Bridgestone, affirms: "There are many companies promising revolutionary assessment tools, but only Harrison Assessments have delivered. We've found the key to placing the right people in the right positions, driving our success."

    Join the ranks of leading companies that trust Harrison Assessments to enhance their talent management practices.

    Trusted Around the World By Organizations Large and Small

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    Acquire talent
    Acquire Talent
    Automate your selection process and use predictive data and interview guides to direct your hiring decisions.
    Develop talent
    Develop Talent
    Identify critical engagement & retention factors and target develop plans across individuals, team and organizational culture.
    Lead talent
    Lead Talent
    Ensure your leadership team has the skills to execute your organizational strategy and maximize the performance of your people.
    Engage talent
    Engage Talent
    Understand whether key engagement expectations are being met and what action you need to take at both an individual and group level.
    Established in 1990, Harrison is available in
    3.5 million
    People Assessed
    How it works
    How it works

    Harrison's award-winning, cloud-based technology provides secure, job specific predictive analytics that enhance the candidate and employee experience. Our assessment science and technology saves you time and money, while enabling you to hire the best candidates and target development needs.

    Success Stories

    For over 30 years organizations have been using our unique technology to better understand their people and improve the performance of their business. View our video testimonials, case studies and white papers to learn more about the challenges faced and how they were overcome.

    Expert Partners
    maximize results

    Our global network of Harrison experts enables you to leverage their knowledge and skills to maximize results via full service solutions or empower you to train and operate the Harrison system internally.

    Expert partners at work for you
    Expert partners at work for you
    HR Tech Award
    Why everything you know about Employee Engagement is wrong.

    Our Founder and CEO, Dr Dan Harrison, was recently featured in Entrepreneur with his article "Why everything you know about Employee Engagement is wrong". Engagement is crucial to organizational performance and yet it has been profoundly misunderstood by many. We strongly suggest you read and understand this article if you want to retain key staff. Read the original article here.

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